How to disable automatic updates for Drawboard

Hello everyone, although u/Fly_Virtual provided a method that allows us to download the old version of drawboard, this method cannot effectively prevent automatic updates. Here I introduce a method that is popular on Chinese platforms (not specifically for Drawboard, but this method is universal) to prevent automatic updates from the root.
The key point is to modify the package to prevent the store from automatically updating (even coexist with the store version and the old version)
According to u/Fly_Virtual's method, download Drawboard's appxbundle.
To combat their utter depravity: First, you can download an older version of the app using this tool: I'm using a 5.something version and it works fine. I've also taken a backup just in case, as should you. For your convenience, the Microsoft store link to use is:
Secondly, I did a review of other programs out there that have PRESSURE SENSITIVITY. For all the comments below that say things like "Edge does it" or "just xyz program," please understand that for teachers (or others) who want to annotate student pdfs with pressure-sensitive inking, Drawboard was the only low-cost option on windows that didn't have limitations or require janky workarounds.
If you install it directly, it is the same as installing from the store, and you will also receive store updates.
We open it with 7zip, and we can see that there are three architectures of program packages: ARM, x64, and x86. Choose the corresponding package according to the device architecture, and then double-click to open it with 7zip. Generally speaking, Surface only needs to choose x64, while Surface Pro X needs to choose arm
notion image
These are all the files of the app. Extract all files except [Content_Types].xml, AppxMetaData and AppxSignature.p7x to a place
notion image
After extracting, it should look like this
notion image
Open AppxManifest.xml with a text editor and see the first few lines
notion image
The Identity Name there is the app's identifier name. Changing it can achieve coexistence
Publisher is the name of the app developer. If you repackage it, you have to change it to the name corresponding to your certificate, otherwise you won't be able to sign it after repackaging. You can change it at will if you don't repackage it. I changed it here to CN=disable-automatic-updates, which corresponds to the packaging below
The PhoneIdentity node should be used for identification by the previous WP store. Just delete it
If you just want to prevent updates, change Publisher
If you want to coexist, change Identity name, for example I changed it like this
notion image

How to install modified files

There are two ways to install modified apps

One is to repackage it into appx and then install it.

The advantage is that it can be installed by double-clicking as before, and it is installed in the Program Files\WindowsApps path protected by NTFS permissions like normal apps, preventing accidental deletion. There will be no residue after uninstalling.
The disadvantage is that you have to install Windows SDK (the makeappx packaging tool is in SDK), and you have to sign it before installing
Here briefly describes the process
First of all, confirm that you have installed SDK in Universal Windows Development in Visual Studio
notion image
After installation, you can use Everything to search for Makecert.exe's location, which is usually in the Windows Kits folder and corresponds to the SDK version you downloaded. Choose your computer's architecture, which is usually x64.
notion image
Right-click Makecert.exe corresponding to your architecture version → Open path, right-click in File Explorer to open terminal, enter the following command
.\Makecert -sv abc.pvk -r -n "CN=disable-automatic-updates" abc.cer
Here CN=disable-automatic-updates must be the same as the Publisher you filled in. A window will pop up asking you to fill in a password. Just fill in anything. I filled in 123456 here. Then execute the following two commands. The 123456 place needs you to change it to your own password.
.\Cert2spc abc.cer abc.spc .\pvk2pfx -pvk abc.pvk -pi "123456" -spc abc.spc -pfx abc.pfx -f
Then copy the path of Drawboard folder that you extracted above and change E:\download\Drawboard below to your own path.
.\makeappx.exe pack /d "E:\download\Drawboard" /p drawboardx.appx
Finally sign your packaged appx with your generated certificate. Then double-click abc.pfx and abc.cer in the folder to install the certificate and double-click appx file for installation. You can achieve the effect of removing software automatic updates.
But I don't recommend everyone accepting appx and certificates provided by others. This may cause some risks for your computer. Please pack them yourself as much as possible.

The second is to register appxmanifest with developer mode

The advantage is that you don't need SDK, no signature, the app files can be placed anywhere, and you can install it with one line of command in PowerShell.
The disadvantage is that the program itself will not be deleted after uninstalling (but the personal data in AppData will be cleared), the program files have no NTFS permission protection, and you have to turn on developer mode.
Here I introduce the second method.
First turn on developer mode, settings-update and security-developer options, check it, although the screenshot provided here is in Chinese, but the icons of each language should be the same, just confirm whether the icons correspond
notion image
Put the app directory in a place where you won't accidentally delete it. I put it in C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Programs (this is the installation path of VSCode and other programs)
Explorer opens to the location of the app (the location of appxmanifest.xml), shift-right-click to open PowerShell, and then enter the command.
Add-AppxPackage -Register .\AppxManifest.xml
It will be installed in an instant. If the installation fails, it may be that you have corrupted appxmanifest or did not turn on developer mode.
At this time, open the store and you will find that Drawboard is still in an uninstalled state, and there is naturally no forced update.
If you want, you can install both 😂